Steps for the Sale of Source Code and Intellectual Property

The sale of Disruptiverse’s source code and intellectual property is a structured process, designed to ensure transparency, security and satisfaction for both parties. The following are the steps to follow:

1. Initial Deposit and Contract:

The process begins when the interested buyer makes a deposit of the total amount agreed upon in an escrow account prior to initiating any negotiations. This deposit ensures that both parties are committed to the process. Simultaneously, a contract is signed that establishes the terms and conditions of the sale, including the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

2. Source Code Review Period:

After signing the contract and making the deposit, the buyer will have a period of 30 days to review the source code. This review will be carried out in a controlled manner, using a computer provided exclusively by Disruptiverse for this purpose. This step is critical, as it allows the buyer to verify the integrity, quality and suitability of the source code for their needs before proceeding with the final purchase.

3. Additional Disruptiverse Studio Inc. services:

Once the buyer confirms acceptance of the source code, they have the option to contract additional services from Disruptiverse Studio Inc. These services may include deploying the software on a specific server, modifying the branding of the application, or training an external team to manage and operate the code. This step is optional and can be customized according to the buyer’s needs and preferences.

The entire process is designed to be fair, transparent and secure for all parties involved. We seek to ensure that the transition of source code and intellectual property is smooth and successful, reflecting the value and potential of Disruptiverse.

Dear Disruptiverse community:

In our journey through the infinite possibilities of the metaverse, we have shared moments of inspiration, innovation and growth. Every challenge faced and every achievement reached have been possible thanks to the dedication, passion and vision of each and every one of you, the true pillars of Disruptiverse.

Today, we are at a turning point, not only for our project, but for each of us who have been part of this adventure. Disruptiverse has always been synonymous with courage, looking beyond the horizon and embracing change as an ally. In that spirit, we have made a decision with an eye on the future and the collective well-being of our community.

Throughout our journey, we have invested more than financial resources in Disruptiverse; we have invested our hearts, our minds and our souls. Despite the challenges we have faced, we have accepted the losses as a united team, with a firm belief in the values and vision that led us down this path.

At this crucial time, we want to ensure that the legacy and potential of Disruptiverse continues to move forward. As such, we have decided to put our valuable source code, along with intellectual property rights, up for sale for $795,000. This decision not only reflects our commitment to the sustainability of the project and its ideals, but also our determination to honor and appreciate the trust that each of you has placed in us.

The proceeds from this sale will go entirely towards fulfilling our commitment to the land holders, DAOS holders and original investors. It is our priority to ensure that every contribution is recognized and that the spirit of community that has defined Disruptiverse is reflected in every step we take.

Although Disruptiverse is evolving, our mission to explore and lead in the metaverse lives on. We will continue to move forward as freelancers, bringing with us the rich experience and innovative vision that have characterized us. In this new chapter, we are ready to collaborate, support and be part of projects that continue to ignite the flame of creativity and innovation in this limitless universe.

This moment is, above all, an opportunity to look forward with hope and determination. A reminder that, though the forms may change, our community, our vision and our dreams remain stronger than ever.

With deep gratitude and looking forward to the future.